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Northland Wood Council


Northland Wood Council Objectives


Northland Forestry will be a vibrant, sustainable, and respected industry in the region.


The mission of the Northland Wood Council is to provide a forum for its members to promote, enhance and co-ordinate areas of strategic common interest in the Northland region.

Ruia taitea kia mahue ko taikaka anake
(Strip away the sapwood so only the heartwood remains)



  • Encourage and promote best practice in all aspects of operation within the sector.
  • Interact with local authorities in preparing and finalising regional and district plans.
  • Prepare resource information and assessments of the regional economic and environmental effects of forestry.
  • Support health and safety initiatives and measures.
  • Support and advice institutions which provide forestry skills and training.
  • Advocate for Best practice inHealth, Safety and Environmental Management.
  • Actively engage with Regional and District councils on environmental issues.
  • Promote and encourage forest Industry Training and forestry career opportunities.


  • Provide a forum for members to jointly develop strategies and action plans on matters of common interest.
  • Work to improve the community and political perception of forestry.
  • Facilitate the process of developing best practice guidelines and standards with local authorities and statutory regulators.
  • Liaise with other forest bodies, NZFOA, FISC, FICA, SCION, FFA.
  • Encourage political and community support for the wood industry in the Northland wood supply region.
  • Stay abreast of regulatory matters impacting the members.
  • Stay abreast of local Government strategies and policy impacting forestry.
  • Be the voice of the commercial plantation forestry industry in Northland.
  • Be the forum for consolidating the views of the members.
  • Encourage a positive image in the eyes of the community.


  • Establish a collective voice for the wood industry to achieve the industry’s aims collectively rather than individually.
  • Enhance the business environment for commercial forestry in the Northland region by bringing participating persons and companies with a common interest in these forest enterprises.
  • Engender political and community support for the forestry industry in Northland.
  • Enhance the image of forestry in the Northland region and its many communities.


  • Be involved with research, science and knowledge development on the Northland wood supply region.
  • Promote and encourage new technologies designed to take forestry forward.
  • Promote and encourage initiatives that will attract people to our industry.
  • Provide a forum for members to jointly develop strategies on matters of common interest.